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I used to love summer!

I used to love summer like 6 years ago, but now it's just to darn hot for me and the dogs. So happy fall is here, I think fall is now my favorite. Having pups or one pup in the summer is not fun either. I don't run the air as I don't want it to cold and then it gets to warm. I usually have winter pups. It has been years since I had a summer pup. Poor Pico did get hot, so I learned something new to cool him down, I put him on a tile! He got a bit uncomfortable one day, he was to little for an ice pack, so I read if you put the puppy on a tile floor it should to the trick. I most certainly did! he fell right to sleep. So I got a nice marble tile for his whelping box. As he got a bit bigger we went to ice bottles. He loved his icy bottles and would not sleep unless he had it with him. LOL what a sweet little boy.

With the weather cooler, icy bottles are not gone and he is onto other things like chewing on Bob our collie loving cat! Just a few updated photos, one with his icy bottle!

collie puppy
sable collie puppy

rough collie puppy
sable collie puppy

collie puppy
collie puppy

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